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Espresso Bar


Specialty Lattes

Food + Pastries 

Espresso Bar


Ritual Coffee Roasters Seasonal.

Classic Latte

Espresso + Steamed Milk.

Iconica Social Club Cortado


Latte’s Younger Sibling.


Espresso + Frothed Milk.


Espresso + Microfoam.

Iconica Social Club Cortado


Espresso + Filtered Water.

Decaf Available.



Pour Over Coffee

Ready in 4-12 minutes {depending on how busy it is!}

Available Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


French Press Coffee

Ready Immediately.

Available on the Weekends.

8oz /12oz 

Iconica Quick cup of Coffee to go

Specialty Lattes

cardamom + Honey

w/ Rose Petals

Dark Chocolate mocha

w/ Dark Chocolate

Vanilla + Lavender

w/ Fresh Lavender

Pure Maple

Pure Maple Syrup, Topped w/ Allspice

Alt Milks // Ritual Decaf Available.

Menu Options!

Egg + Biscuit Sandwich 

House Baked Feta + Sundried Tomato Biscuit, Spinach Baked Egg Topped w/ Cheese. Housemade Basil Aioli.


{Gluten Free} Sweet Potato Crust w/ Portabella Mushroom, Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach + Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Served w/ Side Salad.

Iconica Carrot muffin


{Gluten Free/ Dairy Free/ Sugar Free} Check in as our super-popular muffins are house baked in rotation. Carrot w/ Ginger + Walnut, Banana w/ Maple Syrup, and more!

Cookie Del Dia


Cupcake du Jour


Pie Slice o’ The Day


Subject to Daily Availability.

House Baked Scones

Iconica Scones

w/ Cranberries + Pepitas

Pastries Made In House by Iconica Bakery.

Iconica Online Ordering

We’ve teamed up with SpotOn to offer you an easy way to order from us {quickly and securely.}