Congratulations! You found us.

You discovered Iconica. 

Uncovered the hidden gem – the artistic retreat that lives in the very center of historic downtown Northampton’s beating heart.

Yes, our address is 1 Amber Lane. 

No, you’re not dreaming. 

{Then again, perhaps you are.}

The point is… we’re a real place. 

{Some maps agree with us on this. Others are slower on the uptake.}

This 2-story brick and timber structure was built circa 1800 as the carriage house for The Draper Hotel on Main Street, long tucked in the shadows of prosperous Main Street businesses.

{It also just so happens to be the only address on Amber Lane…}

Living inside this historic building is Iconica Social Club

Maybe you’ve seen our sign:

“Hard to Define, and Find.”

But, as we’ve established, you have already found us.

So, now, let’s get around to that defining part, shall we?

What is Iconica Social Club?

It’s a place where we want to give you an experience: to see, hear, taste things you won’t find anywhere else. 

At Iconica, everything is an extra-ordinary, fully engaging sensory experience. 

It’s hard to define, not because it is indefinite, but because it is so many things at once. It’s an actor playing many parts. 

We offer you:

  • Coffee imported from San Fransisco,
  • Delicious baked goods and foods we make fresh every day,
  • Take-out Dinner Specials from different countries all around the world,
  • …and so much more. 

I mean, you should see the design of our bathrooms. 


Iconica is:

  • A Cafe.
  • A Bakery.
  • A space for Events, both private and public.
  • A Cold Press Juicery.

All of it is here to serve one purpose: your experience of wonder.

We want to reactivate your sense of pure curiosity. 

To remind you that it’s there, within you and all around you. 

The genuine inspiration you crave. 

The creative impulse, screaming your name from 30,000 leagues beneath your conscious mind, aspiring to summon you to action. 

The magic that often seems as if it’s so distantly in your past that you suspect it might never have been real.

We’re want to remind you that it is real.

It’s both out there and in here, waiting for you to discover it. 

We address your persistent desire to color outside the lines. 

The unapologetic urge to learn something new

The ceaseless drive to thrive somewhere out there, way beyond the ragged edge.

Because that box we were in back there? 


This is a place for Hexagons.