Iconica Social Club Presents:

Third Time’s a Charm · Ethiopian Dinner Special!

First Weekend of March, 2021.

⬢ Menu Details! ⬢

We’re bringing you all new flavors and dishes this time:

Ye’tikil Gomen Selata 

A simple, deliciously spicy salad of lettuce, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, & lemon.

Ye Misser Wot 

A spicy, flavorful red lentil dish.

Ye’ Dinich Amaze Tibs 

Potatoes w/ rosemary in a scrumptious, spicy red wine sauce.

Doro Wat

Chicken w/ onion, ginger, egg, berbere spice.

1 Order Comes with All Dishes!

Served w/ Injera. {Traditional Bread made w/ Teff Flour, salt + water… gluten free!}

Cost: 17$ per Order

It can also be served Vegetarian {no Doro Wat, but more of the other stuff!}

Hi friend. When you order, please just choose ¨ASAP¨ for your pickup time. then, totally ignore that pickup time. Your preferred pickup time will be something you include in the ¨Special Instructions¨ area. It’ll be very easy, I promise. The point is, we’re using this as just an order input system in regards to the Dinner Special, so it’s not going to be ready for pickup in 15 minutes like a Sandwich or Latte would.   

Pre-Order to Pickup This Saturday or Sunday between 2pm – 9pm!