Welcome to history.

You seek to discover the past lives of the building at 1 Amber Lane, do you?

Interestingly enough, we’re currently doing detective work to uncover its hidden origins. 

You see, we know what it has housed in more recent years:

A law office. 

A tennis shop.

A residence. 

But what about further back in time?

From what we understood, the Draper Hotel on main St. Northampton had the building constructed to be a stable for horses.  

This construction would’ve happened circa 1800, or perhaps earlier in the 1700s.

But we’ve only recently found some older maps of Northampton that seem to suggest that the “J.L. Draper Stables” were, in fact, a building next to what is now 1 Amber Lane.

We’re not sure yet when the street name “Amber Lane” appeared.

The earliest name we’ve found for the address is “205 Main St. Rear.”

What we have also recently discovered is that this address was home to… a bakery.

Yes, a bakery that went by the name “the Smith Carr Baking Co.”

We are actively researching this history…

Perhaps even as you read these words.

If you’re intrigued, stay tuned as we update this page with historical photographs, old maps, and more information about the history of this magical building in the center of Northampton. 

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