Café Menu


Egg & Biscuit Sandwich – 6.78 

House-Baked Feta & Sundried Tomato Biscuit, Baked Egg Topped w/ Mozzarella, Slice of Vine Tomato, Housemade Basil Aioli.

Ham & Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich – 8.64

Cheddar & Mustard Biscuit w/ Virginia Ham, Spinach, Bread & Butter Pickles. Comes w/ a Side Salad or Chips. 

Iconi-Quiche – 9.12

{Gluten Free} Sweet Potato Crust w/ Portabella Mushrooms, Roasted Red Peppers, Spinach & Mozzarella Cheese. Served w/ Side Salad & Our House Dressing.

Belgian Waffles – 8.64

Two Belgian Waffles w/ Real Pearl Sugar, Served w/ Housemade Strawberry Compote & Whipped Cream.

Belgian Waffle & Sausage Sandwich – 8.88

Two Belgian Waffles, Baked Egg, Sausage, w/ Sharp Cheddar.

Espresso by Ritual, Sf

Choose between Regular Milk, 2% Milk, or Organic Alt-Milks: Oat/Almond + .70

Add Espresso Shot + 1.87. Decaf Available.

Espresso / Americano – 3.04 

Cortado / Macchiato – 3.27

Cappuccino – 3.50 

Classic Latte – 3.74

Specialty Espresso Lattes

Standard Size – 4.67

Choose between Regular Milk, 2% Milk, or Alt-Milks: Oat/Almond + .70

Add Espresso Shot + 1.87. Decaf Available. Get it hot or iced.

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Topped w/ Sprinkled Cocoa.

Pure Maple Latte

Topped w/ Ground Allspice.

Vanilla & Lavender Latte

Housemade Syrup & Topped w/ Sprinkled Lavender.

Cardamom & Honey Latte

Topped w/ Rose Petals

November & December Special!

Gingerbread Latte

Topped w/ Ground Nutmeg.

Coffee Drinks

Pour Over Coffee {Rotating Roast} – 4.21

Ace Cold Brew Coffee – 3.97

Dark Magician – 4.91

Espresso & Tonic on the Rocks.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee – 4.67

Sweetened Condensed Milk & Strong Coffee

Café Au Lait – 3.5

Milk Teas

Choose between Regular Milk, 2% Milk, or Alt-Milks: Oat/Almond + .47

Available Hot & Iced. 

Japanese Matcha Latte – 4.44

Spiced Indian Chai Latte – 4.67

Assam Tea & Housemade Spice Blend.

London Fog – 4.44

18-Hour Cold Brewed Earl Grey Tea & Housemade Vanilla Lavender Syrup.

Warm Weather Drinks

Lemonade Ginger Spritz – 3.97

Organic Lemonaid & Cold Press Ginger Juice & Sparkly Water.

Cold Weather Drinks

Hot Apple Cider – 3.04

Drinking Chocolates

Dark chocolate melted w/ the milk of your choice.

Standard Size – 4.44


It’s classy, and a classic.

Emerald City

Dark  Chocolate & Japanese Matcha.

Cleopatra’s Rose

Dark Chocolate & Cardamom w/ Rose Petals.

Royal Spanish

Dark Chocolate, Cayenne Pepper, & Chili Pepper.

Ginger Prince

Dark Chocolate & Powdered Ginger.


Dark Chocolate & Heavy Cream.

Minim Juicery

Our Signature Cold Press Juice Elixirs Made In-House By Minim Juicery!

We have a rotating selection of juices available any given day at the IconiCafé.

For information on available flavors, stop by in-person or contact us during our open hours.

Our Juices

{depending on seasonal availability and flavor rotation}

Strawberry w/ Lemon & Agave

Watermelon w/ Radish & Mint

Cucumber w/ Matcha & Mint

Ginger w/ Lemon & Fresh Thyme

Apple w/ Fennel & Cinnamon

Tangerine w/ Orange & Ginger

{… and more!}